As Sustainable Life Association (SUYADER), we are ready to meet you at our third international congress, within the scope of the work we carry out with excitement and responsibility for all the living beings to be in balance and harmony within and beyond the boundaries of our planet.

In the 100th Anniversary of our Republic, the main theme of our congress is “Designing the Sustainable Future Together”. The congress will be held with the cooperation of universities, public institutions and organizations, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, private sector organizations dealing in the field of sustainability, activists and volunteers. It will be held on November 09-10, 2023.

We will address the issue of how we can build and maintain an ecosystem together, where it is possible to maintain a harmonious life with other living beings with whom we share the planet, without breaking our traditions that prioritize sustainability while quickly adapting to the conveniences provided by the digital age, we live in. Your participation in this congress, where scientific studies, practices and experiences will be shared, and new fields of work and projects will emerge with interdisciplinary cooperation, will add value to our congress.

We are inviting all to the 3rd International Sustainable Living Congress to Co-Design a Sustainable Future in the light of the knowledge and experience of participants from different disciplines.

You can reach all the developments related to the congress and further information about the program from


Warm regards,



Prof. Emine AKSOYDAN


Cumhuriyetimizin 100. Yılında
Sürdürülebilir Geleceği Birlikte Tasarlamak

9-10 KASIM 2023

Kongre Kitabı Çıktı!