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MARCH 19-20, 2021


Dear participants;

The term sustainability includes the correct usage of natural resources for the quality of life and welfare of present and future generations, environmentally friendly nutrition and food systems, the usage of eco-sensitive technology and renewable energy, a healthy environment, equal distribution of resources, and co-provision of economic prosperity and social justice.

Integrating sustainability into lifestyles means that individuals are aware of the impact of their choices on food, product, and energy use. From this point of view, sustainable living defines a lifestyle of an individual or society that includes the effective, careful and responsible use of the personal resources and the natural resources of the world.

Climate change resulting from insufficient adoption of sustainable lifestyles and extreme destruction of nature has increased the risk of infectious diseases by changing the relationship between humans and other living things on the planet.

Consequently, we have faced the COVID-19 Pandemic today and scientists have stated that if the process continues to be the way it is, the risk of encountering other pandemics is high.

In this context, while “Life Fits into Home", our congress will be held as an e-congress including topics regarding healthy lifestyle, sustainable nutrition and food systems, healthy cities and environments, local government practices, local cuisine, bio-diversity, alternative-nutritional resources, inequalities and its consequences, entrepreneurship, consumer approach, vulnerable groups in the pandemic, civil society studies, the sustainability of the art with national and international participation, contributions of scientists who are experts in their fields, representatives of relevant institutions and non-governmental organizations.

Within the scope of the "Sustainability in the Time of COVID-19" theme, our congress encourages to share of scientific studies, practices and experiences of the participants and contributes to the creation of new fields of study and projects with the cooperation between different disciplines.

As we focus on tackling the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects, we invite people who want to contribute to sustainable living from non-governmental organizations, universities, professional organizations, public institutions and organizations, national and international organizations, our beloved students, all our participants in different disciplines to our e-congress which also allows us to consider ways to prevent the recurrence of such a crisis in the future and we would like to state that we will be honored and pleased to see you among us.


Prof. Emine AKSOYDAN                                                 Prof. Ömer Arıöz

President of Sustainable Living Association                      Rector of Toros University